Tuesday, February 7, 2012

bosan dengan penat?

ok sy sgt faham laa kan perasaan bosan penat..penat bosan..
especially when exams are around the corner with the addition to the readily soaring pile high assignments, thesis, presentations etc..
plus yg stay kat japan n will back for good ni mana nk packing brg lagi..
it requires heaps of mental n physical stamina!

so while i was reciting the quran..my eyes pointed at this one verse " sungguh, Kami telah menciptakan manusia berada dalam susah payah " (90:4)

ayat ini membuatkan sy berfikir sekejap..
in other words, if we're feeling that life is always easy and smooth sailing,

then there MUST be something wrong because Allah already said He has created us in toil..

we get tired with being tired..
we get tired with hardships..
but its those factors that keep us moving..
take it positively..
sometimes Allah tests us because He "misses" us..
and most of the time hardships make us feel closer to Him..
and it helps us understand His Words better ^_^

soooo..rakan2 sekelian..i know we are strong enough to face those hardships..be not sad!Allah is with us!