Friday, June 8, 2012

welcome to the real world baby! lil baby is 10 days old ^_^
I'm so blessed with Harith Sufyan...
everyday i fall in love deeper and deeper with this lil hero of mine..
as Allah brings me through this journey of motherhood, I am reminded of my very own dear mother.. I LOVE U MOM!!

I delivered him on 31st May 2012(same birthday with aunty ida!)
It was wednesday night i started feeling uneasy with my stomach..a lil bit painful but i thought it was normal pain/braxton hicks..
After performed subuh prayer i told my mom that i felt slightly painful in my stomach..
then mom prepared for me hot milo and asked me to have breakfast..
I went to the toilet then told my mom i saw some blood stain..then mom asked me to have a bath then prepared myself to go to the hospital..
At the hospital doc said that its already 2cm opened then she asked nurse to admit me to the ward..
Luckily hubby has arrived at banting last night and he came straight to the hospital on that morning..thank you Allah for ease his journey (baby waiting for his father to arrive first..maybe??)
When ayah went home hubby was with me throughout the day..stayed beside me and supported me..thank you soo much dear..
I slowly felt the contractions coming in the afternoon but still being bearable..
I decided to finish reading Surah Maryam..alhamdulillah..
At 5pm the pain was getting a bit too much..and i asked hubby to call the nurse to check me..and it was 4cm opened..
At 700pm my contractions then were already frequent, and i was clinging dearly on to my hubby..depending on him everytime the contractions came..
I felt weak as I have not yet taken my lunch that afternoon..

 (Maryam:23) And shake the trunk of the date palm towards you, it well let fall fresh ripe date palms upon you..

My hubby offered me some dates...
I didn't want to eat as my contractions getting really painful..really, try eat while having contractions! but he insisted..
Wanting to please and obey my husband badly (having in mind at that time the advice of one of my friends who told me that it's ever so important to consistently seek forgiveness from our husbands and it is his redha that insyaAllah Allah will make ease the labour), he fed me.
Suprisingly, I could gulp it down easily..
it was just two dates but I swear I felt that strong powerful surge of energy, making me feel more prepared to face the next contraction (lesson learnt: sila taat suami..hehe)
My waters broke not long after that I was pushing and Subhanallah, at 8.08pm I heard the cry..
it was the most beautiful sound i've ever heard!
the nurse cleaned him and quickly put him on my chest..
I looked into my baby's eyes and he looked into mine..the feeling was just undescribable..

My husband made the azaan and iqamah at sufyan's ears then..
ya Allah make my Harith Sufyan a good muslim..
Welcome to the real world baby..ibu n ayah will try to be a good parents =)