Wednesday, March 13, 2013

sharing is caring~

errr last update was on october last year??hehe
time flies lil hero is already 9 mths n 2 weeks old..
at this time he has 4 teeth and can stand on his own but still not confident to walk yet..
step by step ok baby!

having spent several months studying n experimenting bout baby's development..
first time jadi mommy la katekan sume bnde excited nk tau..hehe
at time like this, only Allah knows how much a blessing it is to be able to observe harith has learned til this very day..
and also dgn semangat utk bf harith n sokongan padu encik suami  harith is still on direct breastfeeding..fully breastfeeding..alhamdulillah3x!
yela duduk rumah dgn die 24/7 bole la kan bg direct bf..n he still refuses to use nk x nk mmg kena direct bf..die tau ibu die x keje gtu la..hehe
if mommy2 yg bekerja bole juga nk fully bf anak just u have to prepare ebm byk2 la utk baby anda..kena kuat semangat n never give up..jgn stress2 n relax n keep on pumping..baru susu stimulate..
mari support breastfeeding!!hehe

n lately ade few people suggest srh bg formula milk dkt harith..
the reason is bcoz harith dah besar n bf je x ckup utk die..
ku x pasti ape yg  di cakap x cukupnye..
susu ke yg x ckup?or kandungan2 dlm susu x ckup??hmmm..
yg ku tau susu ibu lah yg terbaik..
utk umur harith mmg susu ibu je x cukup..sbb tu kena bg solid food utk mengcukupkan nutrisi2 yg diperlukan..
so far harith menyusu ok mkn pun ok..berat naik elok..
so there's no reason to give him fm..
discuss2 dgn hubby pun die ckp sume cukup je harith pun aktif x meragam..
selagi ade susu selagi tu la akan ku bagi insyaAllah..kalo dah terpaksa bg fm baru bg..huhu

since ibu die pun x kije maka mknn harith pun sume homemade..
pnah try bg biskut n rice cracker sbb masa tu die xmo mkn manis sgtttt n harith pun reject..
terus buang sume2 tu..n harith xmo mkn rupenye2 sbb nk tumbuh gigi...sakit gusi agaknye..
lps tu ok je mkn cam biasa blk..
tgk2 blk mknn baby yg jual tu sume tinggi gula n garam..
so xpe la ibu bgn pepagi buta prepare bubur salt no sugar added until he turns 1 year old at least..
kidney baby x sesuai lagi dgn garam n gula for babies below 1 year old..effect die bkn skrg tp masa tua nnt..

sometimes mesti ade org ckp kitaorg ni cerewet jaga anak itu x boleh ini x bole..
well kitaorg bkn saje2 xmo bg tp ade sebabnye..
x kisah la org nk ckp ape pun yg penting anak sihat..
since lahir harith x pnah demam lagi just ade sekali selsema awal2 lahir dulu..
papepun sume parents mesti nk yg terbaik utk anak masing2..
mari berusaha jadi parents terbaik utk anak2 kita!

Whatever falls on u is never to hurt u. It is a lesson for u to draw yourself close to Him. The trial is there to build u. From weak to strong. From nothing to everything. He takes something in order to give. Know that behind every dark cloud,there's always a silver lining.
                                                               -motivation of the day-

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Domestic engineer

cehhh post title nmpk cam gempakk je kan..hehe
sbb rmi sgt tnye best ke x jadi domestic engineer(read: housewife) ni, so let's story my own experience..
mcm la da lame sgt kan jd domestic engineer nye nk story mory..
xpela..share ape yg bole je la ekk..

ok..everyday was a day of waking up early to prepare breakfast for hubby, doing the house chores..etc..etc(the list goes on)..
percayalah jd housewife sbnrnye lg bizi dr ladies..etc2 kat luar tu..
sbb apa??sbb ade je bnda nk dibuat..mmg x duk diam..done one work then move to another work..
plus ada baby..mmg byk masa habis kat dia needs more attention..
tv pun kdg2 je tgk(x suka sgt tgk tv pun)..
xpercaya???nahhh..try on your own..

hehe..rmi laa duk ckp awat laaa hang x kerja dah duk blaja tinggi2 tuu..
nakkk je jwb...tuan2 puan2 sekalian sy xde la blaja tinggi mana pun..dah suami suh duk umah jaga anak follow je la...redha suami lg penting ye dari tuan2 dan x la jwb gtu..
yg lg best bile ade pulak komen2 yg lain ckp anak bole hntr nursery..babysitter kan byk.. blablabla...
tahan je la mendengar..x baik menjawab kan kan kan..hehe

mmg susah org nk fhm kita kalo die xde kat tempat kita..
tuan2 puan sekelian sy bkn xmo me n hubby plan biar la anak tu besar leaaast la kan..6 mths old(da bole start mkn solid food)..then baru lega sket nk bg baby kat org..
lgpun harith xmo hisap botol..nk direct breastfeed je..akan try sikit demi sedikit nk bg die hisap botol balik..
dgr kes2 baby zaman skrg lg la menyebabkan rasa berat je hati nk hntr anak kt org..
ibu ku srh je tinggalkan harith kt semenanjung biar die jaga tp xmo la..dah tua2 tu biar la die berehat..kalo jaga baby semudah menghafal sifir 2 xpe la jugak..hehe..

best sbnrnye jd housewife ni..
dpt blaja main masak2 utk family sendiri..dpt jaga anak sendiri..tgk die membesar depan mata..
dpt tolong hubby buat ape yang boleh..etc..etc..
everything u do on your dpt blaja byk bnda kot..
mmg x dpt duit byk2 mcm yg bekerja tp puas hati dpt buat sendiri sume n insyaAllah pahala bekerja utk family ada..

as for now sy mmg bz sbb have to take care of my youngest sis-in-law too sbb my in laws pergi haji..
feel like i have 2 babies right now..
small baby n big baby..hehe..
bila jaga youngest sis in law ni lg laa blaja byk n hubby have to prepare ourself with many thing to educate our children later dlm dunia yg semakin penuh dugaan dan cabaran ini..
rasa mcm beza sgt kanak2 zaman skrg dgn kanak2 zaman kita kecik2 dulu..

ape2 pun..sumenye kena discuss dengan suami masing2 dulu..
bekerja or x bekerja atas pandangan n kehendak masing2..
x kisah kerja apa2 pun..our effort, our sincerity insyaAllah will be appreciated by Allah SWT..

-as a daughter, you are the protector of your parents from the fire of jahannam..
-as a wife, you are half the deen of your protect your husband..
-as a mother, jannah is under your feet..


Friday, June 8, 2012

welcome to the real world baby! lil baby is 10 days old ^_^
I'm so blessed with Harith Sufyan...
everyday i fall in love deeper and deeper with this lil hero of mine..
as Allah brings me through this journey of motherhood, I am reminded of my very own dear mother.. I LOVE U MOM!!

I delivered him on 31st May 2012(same birthday with aunty ida!)
It was wednesday night i started feeling uneasy with my stomach..a lil bit painful but i thought it was normal pain/braxton hicks..
After performed subuh prayer i told my mom that i felt slightly painful in my stomach..
then mom prepared for me hot milo and asked me to have breakfast..
I went to the toilet then told my mom i saw some blood stain..then mom asked me to have a bath then prepared myself to go to the hospital..
At the hospital doc said that its already 2cm opened then she asked nurse to admit me to the ward..
Luckily hubby has arrived at banting last night and he came straight to the hospital on that morning..thank you Allah for ease his journey (baby waiting for his father to arrive first..maybe??)
When ayah went home hubby was with me throughout the day..stayed beside me and supported me..thank you soo much dear..
I slowly felt the contractions coming in the afternoon but still being bearable..
I decided to finish reading Surah Maryam..alhamdulillah..
At 5pm the pain was getting a bit too much..and i asked hubby to call the nurse to check me..and it was 4cm opened..
At 700pm my contractions then were already frequent, and i was clinging dearly on to my hubby..depending on him everytime the contractions came..
I felt weak as I have not yet taken my lunch that afternoon..

 (Maryam:23) And shake the trunk of the date palm towards you, it well let fall fresh ripe date palms upon you..

My hubby offered me some dates...
I didn't want to eat as my contractions getting really painful..really, try eat while having contractions! but he insisted..
Wanting to please and obey my husband badly (having in mind at that time the advice of one of my friends who told me that it's ever so important to consistently seek forgiveness from our husbands and it is his redha that insyaAllah Allah will make ease the labour), he fed me.
Suprisingly, I could gulp it down easily..
it was just two dates but I swear I felt that strong powerful surge of energy, making me feel more prepared to face the next contraction (lesson learnt: sila taat suami..hehe)
My waters broke not long after that I was pushing and Subhanallah, at 8.08pm I heard the cry..
it was the most beautiful sound i've ever heard!
the nurse cleaned him and quickly put him on my chest..
I looked into my baby's eyes and he looked into mine..the feeling was just undescribable..

My husband made the azaan and iqamah at sufyan's ears then..
ya Allah make my Harith Sufyan a good muslim..
Welcome to the real world baby..ibu n ayah will try to be a good parents =)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

last post before deliver??

Alhamdulillah for all that Allah has given me..
sometimes in my prayer, i try to make thanks for Allah by trying to name the blessings He has bestowed upon me..
the more blessings i name, the more i realise that there's more to it..
ya Allah, indeed You are Most Gracious =)
day by day, i've come to appreciate Allah even more so - alhamdulillah.
the day i knew i had a lil bub in my tummy, remains for me an unforgettable moment ^_^
the feelings and emotions Allah puts into the heart of a mother is indescribable..
to this day, baby is about 3 weeks left to see the world or maybe earlier than that??

ayah is in sarawak at the moment and ibu is at sg buloh..
sometimes ibu feels sad because ayah is not around...
but then Allah gives ibu strength, when He reminds that you are with me lil baby:)
and Alhamdulillah you have caring grandparents n so many lovely aunties who care so much about u and your ibu..

eventho ayah is not around, ibu has a little friend that follows ibu everywhere ibu goes..
hears everything that ibu says...
and prays whenever ibu prays..
everyday ibu makes doa you will become a good person n anak soleh dear baby :)

and i am ever thankful to Allah for giving me a wonderful hubby..
so much has happened but with every storm i have learnt to appreciate my hubby even more..thank you Allah!
really excited to see u baby!may everything goes well insyaAllah..

Thursday, May 10, 2012

another few weeks..pheeww~

sudah 35 weeks preggy..dan kecuakan semakin bertambah tp buat2 x cuak..hehe
ayah die, atok nenek die sume asek srh baby kuar cepat2..huuu..sabo je lah..
eventho da 35 weeks tp jmpe org2 mereka slalu teka yg sy baru preggy 5 months..haha..betapa cutenye perut ini kan wpun diriku rase perut ini sgt besar..
first baby kot plus insyaAllah yg kuar nnt baby boy so nmpk kecik comel la kot perut ini..hehe
asal baby sehat sempurna cukup la..smlm check up everything ok n kepala baby still stay kt bwh..mintak2 stay je la kat bwh till deliver..mau deliver normal..xmo operate..huhu
baby saaaaangat aktif skrg..lagi2 mlm..mmg susa/xdpt tdo..slalu nye dpt tdo after zohor coz baby pun tdo kot time tu..hehe
tapi bile ayah die ade baby x aktif sgt mlm2..die aktif time naik kete/jln2..suke kot ayah die blk..hehe..
esok ayah die blk semenanjung aktif la baby ayah die bwk jenjln..mau pegi mom n baby expo sok  ^_^
brg2 baby n mommy nye baru la siap packing smlm pas duk tangguh2..tu pun sume org da bising2 srh prepare..hehe..bole la letak dlm keta siap2 in case terdeliver awal ke kan..
ilmu2 parenthood ni pun sedang berusaha utk menambah..n psl breastfeeding pun..mmg dr awal2 preggy dah berniat nk fully bf baby..huhu..moga dipermudahkan..
sok mo survey2 buku time confinement ade la benda berfaedah nk dibuat..huhu
*abes la encek suami kena paw lg esok dgn wife die*hehe

ade org mengidam asam laksa time tgh2 soppin ..huhu
lps menge"paw" encik suami beli brg baby, menge"paw" lak asam laksa encik suami..hehe (@34 weeks preggy)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

7 weeks left~

huhu..kjap je da 33 weeks..lagi 7 weeks @ 46 days left until my due date..
mcm kuar awal je baby nih..genki sokmo gerak sgt lah aktif mcm x saba nk kuar smpi mommy die nih senak la kdg2..hehe
dpt lak news kak rahmah yang due date nye awal 3 weeks dr ku dah deliver baby die kelmarin..
so mcm terasa lah baby ku akan kuar awal jugak..bole ke pk camtu??haha..
kak maiza due date minggu nih tp cam belum kuar je babynye..xdpt news ape2 pun so assume belum deliver lah..huhu
nway x kisah lah baby kuar awal ke lmbt ke yang penting sempurna n sehat...
brg baby alhamdulillah skettttt je lg ade yg x beli..
sabtu nih encek suami blk smpi hari selasa so bole la smbung soppin brg2 baby..yeay cuti lame bole jln2 lama2..hehe
kelmarin check up baby alhamdulillah sume ok..rambut baby dah byk doc ckp..hehe
tp baby malu la xmo tunjuk tgh meniarap masa scan tu so muke mmg x nmpk..huhu
sepanjang ketiadaan encek suami ayah la yg jd bodyguard ku..pegi hospital ke ade ape2 urusan ke sume ayah yg teman aku..
jgn org ingt ayah tu asben ku dah le..hahaha..
smlm g hntr doc utk apply AP pun ayah yg teman..sian ayah kena jd bodyguard ku..aku ok je nk g sensorg tp ayah ni risau nau x bg g sensorg..kalo dekat2 tu die x kesah kalo yg jauh2 tu die teman la..hehe
lagi 2 hari encek suami balik..mari mengira detik n waktu kepulangannye~

Thursday, April 5, 2012


seminggu suda start new life kat msia..
slow2 la ekk memulakan life baru nih..
da le akan berjauhan ngan encik suami..
so kena la sabar bebyk..
baru 4 hari die g srwk lapor diri ku da rasa mcm sebulan..
huwaaa..x bolenye la pisah lame2 nih..tu pun hari2 die call..cmne la pasni 2 mggu skali die blk..bertabahlah diri ini..huhu
ni die tgh cuti seminggu je patutnye tp rasa mcm nk menghasut die extend lg seminggu jee..hahaha..
camne la org yg PJJ tu..tabahnye la mereka2 itu..
sabar2..sket lagi bole duk srwk..hehe..ikutkan bole je nk duk skrg tp dah x larat kot nk naik flight bebyk kali dah 3rd trimester nih..jln pon cam penguin dah..hehe..
brg baby pun baru start beli..encik suami soh beli siap2 sume2 nnt pasni so that die bole blk srwk dgn sng hati..risau nau die wife die ni terdeliver awal ke ape..huhu
so far 70% da siap kot beli lagi 30% kite smbung lagi sabtu ni..
while encik hubby ade kt semenanjung nih mari kite gunakan die dgn sebaiknye..
nk bg wife die nih kuar drive sensorg mmg x la dibaginye..
sepanjang preggy nih pnah 3 kali je kot drive..tu pun kt jpn 2 kali sbb terpksa drive n kt msia ni baru skali..huhu..
punye la pujuk ckp im ok if drive g mane2 sensorg susah tul die nk bg..risau sgt kt wife n anak die nih..
xyah ckp drive..keje2 umah pun baru buat sket da kena bebel "jgn buatttt..sian baby blablabla..."
huhu..itu lah encik suami ku..xpe la that shows he loves me n our baby so much..n makin hari sy pun makin syg sesgt kt die*sile muntah*hahaha
ok sebelum merepek dgn tah pape lg mari kte stop n tdo..
sok pepagi de 1st check up baby kat msia..hopefully sumenye ok lah..huhu