Tuesday, May 22, 2012

last post before deliver??

Alhamdulillah for all that Allah has given me..
sometimes in my prayer, i try to make thanks for Allah by trying to name the blessings He has bestowed upon me..
the more blessings i name, the more i realise that there's more to it..
ya Allah, indeed You are Most Gracious =)
day by day, i've come to appreciate Allah even more so - alhamdulillah.
the day i knew i had a lil bub in my tummy, remains for me an unforgettable moment ^_^
the feelings and emotions Allah puts into the heart of a mother is indescribable..
to this day, baby is about 3 weeks left to see the world or maybe earlier than that??

ayah is in sarawak at the moment and ibu is at sg buloh..
sometimes ibu feels sad because ayah is not around...
but then Allah gives ibu strength, when He reminds that you are with me lil baby:)
and Alhamdulillah you have caring grandparents n so many lovely aunties who care so much about u and your ibu..

eventho ayah is not around, ibu has a little friend that follows ibu everywhere ibu goes..
hears everything that ibu says...
and prays whenever ibu prays..
everyday ibu makes doa you will become a good person n anak soleh dear baby :)

and i am ever thankful to Allah for giving me a wonderful hubby..
so much has happened but with every storm i have learnt to appreciate my hubby even more..thank you Allah!
really excited to see u baby!may everything goes well insyaAllah..


  1. moga semua berjalan lancar ye puan.heheheh..tak sabar nak tengok baby

    1. Ameen..insyaAllah..aku doakan ko cpt2 kawen n bg anakku kawan2..hehe

  2. awal2 baca rasa pelik plak bila ayah shera kt Sarawak..
    takkan melawat becko kot?
    dah nak abis baru paham ;p

    semoga selamat semuanya insyaAllah~

    1. Hehe..ayah baby ni yg kt srwk..ayah aku ade je kt umah ni=p..
      Thank u saido..moga slamat sumenye insyaAllah~