Wednesday, February 1, 2012

6th check up!

wauu..6th check up already!and still got another 2 check up(thought only one) before going back to msia..byk kan??
well bonda tercinta pun dah bising asek check up je..MIL pun sama risau byk kali nau g check up n friends at msia also worry bout da same thing..
they said frequent ultrasound exposure may affect baby's brain function...
hmm tapi nye dah procedure kat sini mmg camtu follow je lah kan..nnt x dpt complete baby progress pulak from doc kat sini for referral doc kat msia nnt(err plus check up kat msia nnt bape byk kali check up daa)..
utk tidak menyerabutkan fikiran kita follow je doc's advices..then doa+tawakkal je la n always hope that everything gonna be ok..positip!positip!jgn stress2 sian baby nnt..hehe.. has grown sooo much!to this day, baby's weight is about 500gm..n is growing healthily+busy practising "silat" in my tummy ^.^
x muat dah nk print whole baby pic in a doc print part by part(head,body n lower part)..hehe
placenta position pun alhamdulillah ok..
ingt bole terus blk skali doc ckp de talk sket..ingt jap je tp tggu lame la jugak nk dekat sejam(lapar sungguh time nih)baru la nama dipanggil oleh nurse..
nurse tnye dah pegi jmpe dentist lum, nk pegi antenatal clas x, bile blk for good, etc..

as for now daddy is busy preparing his thesis n final presentation..2 weeks to go daddy..ganbatte!!may Allah gives him strength n patience..
n mommy becomes his assistant busy translating some data from japanese to english for his thesis..
dah lame x buat kerja translate2 nih..mula2 nk translate first page tu berjam-jam ..nk menyusun ayat plus grammar tu sakit kepala dibuatnye..but bila masuk 2nd page dah ok laju je siapnye..hehe
lps 2 weeks daddy merdeka insyaAllah!yeay..sng la nnt nk ajak daddy jln2 n doing other activities..hehe..

ok2 stop here n lets continue translating daddy's thesis..bye for now~

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