Sunday, February 1, 2009

weekend @ hachioji..

finally..i'm home after spent 3 days n 2 nights at hachioji..didn't mean to stay there so that long..but..haiyo..what can i do..hihi
actually i wanted to stay there for 1 night only bcoz had sumting to settle with sorg encek ni..the first night i called mijah and asked for her permission to stay at her home..eating sushi..chatting2..then i arrived at mijah's house nearly 430 sorry to mijah bcoz made her waiting me til that time..fortunately mijah still awake at that time..hihi..
then the next day we planned to go back to tokai..firstly they brought me n encek beko to pakistan's restaurant and we had our lunch there..then after borak punye borak pakcik jimin instigated encek beko to stay for one more we??after dicussed then we agreed to stay there for one more night..that night all hachiojians had kak fatin birthday party..we joined the party with a little bit guilty(biase la tetamu x diundang)..huhu..they served two big turkey chickens,cupcakes and other foods..hihi..that was the first time in my life i ate turkey chickens..sedap!!..hihi..but i really like the stuffing..(leh la ajar nnti ye kak fatin)..hihi..
eating n eating..watching movies..then i decided to stay at ain's house and they sent us at about 5 a.m..(tdo lmbt lg saye..hihi..da bape ari la tdo lmbt..)
the next day..woke up late..jahar fetched me and evy at about 2 pm and the boys went to play futsal...while waiting for them evy n i cooked some foods bcoz we already hungry...we made jahar house like our's..hihi..sorry yek..the time both of us wanted to eat unfortunately the boys arrived..lucky for them because we already predicted that this things will happened and we have cooked for them too..
eating n eating...chating2...then jahar said he want to send us til tokai..quite shocked but im happy bcoz didn't have to go back by train..hihi..the truth was he wanted to spend more time wit tuttt...kot..hihi..what ever la jahar oi..
jimin n bad tried to instigate encek beko to stay for one more day but they failed..leganye saye..hihi..and finally..we went back to tokai..
whatever it is i really enjoy spent my time there...tq to all hachiojians~~

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