Sunday, January 31, 2010

seteresss wit your relationship??

Lately few people story bout their relationship to me(good listener kah diri ini??)..n of course sume nye bout relationship yg xbest utk didgr(sdg bermasalah or dah break up)..relationship yg sy x sangka-sangka sumenye akn terjd begitu..yela..future is unpredictable kan..we only can plan it but Allah yg menentukan segala-galanye rite?sy hnye mmpu mndgr n give my best opinion to them..of course u will be sad, stress, very low motivation when u cant have the things that u ever wanted n dreamed of..n kdg2 bg org2 yg dah engaged tu..makin dekat tarikh nk kawen makin kuat la syaitan2 menghasut kan??so..sabar..cuba utk bersabar n teruskan bersabar..there is no point of asking others' opinions when u urself have tried so hard n yet u still have strong doubts about it...the more u doubt about it the more u will be stressed!!many reasons can end up your relationship but whatever it is..dont judge the person coz afraid that it might happen to us someday..terima sahaja dgn hati yg redha..if there is still hope for u then it will be..if not..ape bole buat;D~

for me, communication is sooooo important in a relationship..if ade prob, sit down n discuss bout it..try to overcome all da probs..try to think what is da best thing for both of u n if u feel u cant give commitment towards ur relationship, u'll know it..its going to be a long2 journey and dont afraid to tell ur partner bout it..dont ever think your partner will go angry if u break the relationship..think about urself and ur future..a new chapter will begin after that..

yes..u have known him/her for a long time..n u already made promises wit them..but don't worry bout dat..sume org make mistakes..if they abandon u..u have friends n family rite??go n have fun wit them..u are not alone!!

n one more..DON'T BOTHER what other people might say..u know yourself better than the others kan??biarlah ape org nk ckp eventho sakit juga la telinga ni dgr kan??so...silelah buat2 x dgr n buat2 x tahu jer...:)

Dont love your past memories coz actually it was a gift..maybe ianya merupakan meaningful experience before u meet the right one in da dat u'll become a better person in the next relationship..agree x?agree x??

For those yg rasa dirinya i said before u will feel down..but dont let urself terus-terusan down..silalah rasa bersyukur kerana Allah lebih tau ape yg terbaik utk hamba-hambaNya..which mean u definitely deserve the right one for u someday(or maybe very soon?)..who knows...sila dont hate them bcoz mybe in da future u will smile n rasa bersyukur when u looking back at those histories which made you the person you are at dat time..;D

Move whatever u want..dont let yourself being defeated by ur feeling..if u cant move on, try not to forget bout ur ex..try not to hate them bcoz the more u try, the more u'll remember them(maybe?)..time maybe cant heal the wounds but the next person in your life maybe(^_^)

ohhh..apekah yg sy tulis ini??huhu..hopefully it will help u guys...thats just my opinion ok..not a fact!!


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  2. wah..nasihat drpd bakal pengantin mcm kaunselor *wink*

  3. ain..chill u free dulu..i free lmbt..tggu i kt msia nnt ok..waiting 4 da joli time wit u*wink*

    niezam ohh bkn kaunselor mahupun dr love..nasihat ini membantu kah??hihihi

  4. muahaha...tdelete plok. g cek kt recent comment shera lah :P

  5. shera, link kat sebelah ni.. link ain kecik tu bkn ain panjang nye link kee? haha~ ain panjang da jadik ain kecik ehh? :) *kuang2*

    p.s jibun no kokoro kara tu yg ain kecik nyeee ^____________^v

    tadek kaitan ngan entry :p nway i love.hate my past~ hihi

  6. kak nana aah sy prsn je..nk tuka tp x tertuka tuka..hehehe...ain pnjg semakin memanjang x kecik2 pun;D...u love or u hate:P

  7. i hate that i luv u kot mksd nana.hahaha...ko kn snpai bab2 gni. sbb tu jd tmpt communication is essential.gaduh2 bese pape jd pn.ingt.syg seseorg seadanya sbb mybe kte akn bnci dia nnt.nk bnci org pn berpada-pada sbb nnt mybe kte syg kt dia.

  8. ahaha..senpai mnde aku reti bab2 cintan cintun neh..yes communication isa da most important thing..gado x sala tp jgn lebey2..