Monday, August 17, 2009


yea..yea..12-4=8...dat means another 8 days have to go to lab n then back to thanah airku terchenta..minus 4 because except sat n 8 days..eventhough 12 days sooo excited..dunno why..feel like to buy another ticket right now if i can n have lots of want to go to da lab but after had my lunch..decided not to go n just ber"kenkyuu" at home..huhu..da la yesterday with not feeling guilty..go to lab n do nothing..just maen2 internet n we help one of my japanese fren to find his flight ticket(cam biase org jepun x reti nk tempah ticket yg website die in english)..n he treated us 1 bottle of water each..then went back home n prepared to go to machida..planned to eat okonomiyaki but unfortunately..that kedai was we went to find another kdai okonomiyaki but then terjumpe one indian restaurant n its we ate there n after that berkaraoke..huuu..what a wasting day yesterday~


  1. best mnde..ade je pndi2 sendiri la nk wat..hihi